Tim Goldstone – Yugoslavia

As The Soviet Union collapses
the swaying drunk serenades
boarding passengers with growling riffs
while armed police laugh.
Five hours later
the coach window unravels
a deep summer freedom of never ending
fields and sky, farms and wheat,
as the last of your bendy sticky black hash
places your eyes six feet in front of your face
and you beam so widely your cheeks ache
while over your head
the hint of the smell of tyre smoke
filters in through the malfunctioning air-vent
as a shimmering border farm whips by
soon to be belligerent and bristling
in the murderous tumult of changing regimes.

Tim Goldstone has been published in numerous print and online anthologies and magazines, from Anti-Heroin Chic to 11 Mag Berlin, from The Daily Drunk to The Mechanics’ Institute Review Anthology; with material forthcoming in Tír na nÓg, The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang, Provenance Journal, Pure Slush: 25 Miles From Here Anthology, CultureCult – Sleepwalk, among others. Prose sequence read on stage at The Hay Festival. Poetry recently presented on Digging for Wales. He has roamed widely, including throughout the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, and North Africa, and currently lives deep in rural Wales. Loiters in twitter @muddygold

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com