We are currently closed for general submissions. But … we are OPEN for our Previously Published Spotlight!

Previously Published Spotlight Guidelines

The Previously Published Spotlight is new and it is where we want to showcase some poetry that has been published elsewhere. Send us 1-3 poems in the body of an email. Also, send a link to where your piece is published (if it is online) so we can put the link up too. If it was published in print just let us know where. We will only be selecting a few poems to go up for now so our submission window is only short. OPEN 10TH -20TH OCTOBER 2022. All submissions to

Keep checking here and on our Twitter @PoetryRough to see when we’ll be back open for general issue submissions.

Submission Guidelines

Rough Diamond is about giving poets voices without thinking about particular styles or subjects – we are simply looking for the best poetry for our journal. We want poems from everywhere and about absolutely anything – please just make sure they’re written in English. We aren’t charging submission fees and are not able to pay contributors but we hope to expose, encourage and excite!

send us 1-5 of your unpublished poems (no more than 40 lines per poem)

send your poems in the body of an email (don’t send as an attachment) along with a third person bio. You can include your twitter handle if you’ve got one.

simultaneous submissions ENCOURAGED! We know the feeling too 🙂 Just please let us know if your poems are picked up elsewhere.

send your work to

AND…follow us on Twitter @PoetryRough

NOTE – we would love you to tell us about your publishing credentials in your third person bio but regardless of anybody’s publishing history (or not) this will in no way reflect whose work is selected. We’re looking for what we like and that’s it!

Please understand that if your work is not chosen then this will mainly just be down to our tastes – it is not a reflection on you. We will not enter into any conversation surrounding this. If you send work outside of the submission windows these may go unread so please not when submission windows are.