Shadowless Ladies – Emily Laubham

In the beginning, 

we climbed the Devil’s back
to be Here. We broke bones
for the Story and not just our own. 

Out of body, trapped inside.
We were tired.

Both soft and strong like spider-silk, 
our grandmothers,
or the wind. 

The sky shook out her braids.
Rested, we saw the rivers
and knew they were good. 

Shadowless ladies, 
we went walking 
down the Devil’s back,

in the beginning. 

Emily Laubham is a writer in Pittsburgh, PA. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in publications, including Contrary Magazine, Ping-Pong Literary Journal, Flash: The International Short Story Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, and Autumn Sky Poetry. She has poetry forthcoming in Scapegoat Review and Littsburgh’s Critique of the Gods poetry anthology. 

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