Regine Ebner – Knapsack

Sun gifts us its


in a steady lemon gaze

Time ambles by

selling its phony wares

one by one

my eyes light upon you

wearing wool

drifter of tidepools and

minstrel of velvetine forests

I stroll by

swinging my braided knapsack

full of candy souvenirs

oxidized pennies

and dusted-off whims

You smile and hand me

a sedimentary rock

shaped like a


Regine is a teacher in Tucson, Arizona, in a school she founded.  She has recently been published by Sledgehammer Lit, Chasing Shadows, Consilience and Black Bough Poems. She loves teaching poetry, science and history to eager elementary students.  The mysterious Sonoran Desert is often her muse.
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on