Pre-Socratic – M.P. Powers

how you tame a lion is with a chair
and whip, but with a man it's best to grab
a bible and beat him over the head
with it singing god and country
and man oh my... praise be to america's wet-nurses
vibratingbedsalesmen mudbug-
harvesters undertakers failed honkytonk
coverbands anyone who's anyone
whose half-a-mind believes
in the voice of a mob
and the pursuit of life liberty and
that which is wholly
purchasable with a preferred line of credit
at melvin’s flower boutique & whackshack
or that truckstop off yeehaw junction where the nuns
disguise themselves as french-
tickler dispensers waiting for priests
from the xxx goat-foot-emporium and how
did you say
philosophy was

M.P. Powers lives with one foot in Berlin and one in South Florida. Recent publications include the Columbia Review, Wrongdoing Magazine, Glitchwords, Mayday Magazine, and others. His artwork can be found on Twitter and Instagram @mppowers1132

Artwork by the author M.P. Powers