Kelechukwa Samuel Ojile – A Lullaby I Read From The Archives In My Mother’s Womb

A Lullaby I Read From The Archives In My Mother's Womb

You wearied as if loneliness meant rejection, or at least
That no one is coming to fill the space.

From scratching, you have opened your incisions, and now
Even the antiseptic coverings of words sound
Like depressants. It breaks you into shards of
Memories from yesterday’s.
I want to sing you the lullabies
from the archives in my mother's womb
you will not sleep, no
you will cry like a woman asking God for a Son.

Kelechukwu Samuel Ojile is a penultimate student of Pure and Industrial Chemistry, University of Nigeria, Nsukka at the time. His writings explore the connectedness of human beings regardless of race and geography. He writes poetry and short stories and his works has appeared or is forthcoming in Lit Round Magazine, PoeticAfrica, The Muse No. 48, PIN 10 Day Poetry Challenge2021, World Peace Anthology (Japan), Claws of Hope (anthology), First-Poetry Nigeria and elsewhere. He writes from Enugu, Nigeria. You may reach him on twitter and on Instagram @kelechukwuojile.

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