Galia Admoni – aerial

midnight black and inky / bold / feathers like rows of graves / a broken umbrella / eyes cold / the matte black of old lipstick tubes / where is the trickster now? / lighter / empty of caw and crawk / empty of joy for working in sunshine / sleek / of course / as death or menacing sky / but ruffled as chimney sweep / school friends truanting in autumn / an avalanche of solid night / all prey / common poison /  
bring me good news / live on my flesh / nest in my hair / tap / tap / tap / on all the windows / show me how you silhouette yourself / how to be frantically alive 

First published in Crow of Minerva

Galia Admoni is Head of English at a school in London. She has poems in Bad Lilies, Anthropocene, Atrium, Streetcake and others. She is forthcoming in both Under your Pillow and Broken Sleep #SexTapeDigest anthologies. She has lectured at Shakespeare Institute, BFI, British Library and is committee member for the London Association-Teaching of English. Follow her on Twitter @galiamelon 

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