Damien Posterino – Long distance calls

Long distance calls

My words try to hold you when my arms can’t.
Even clichés are as strong as steel
when a tired script is collapsing.
From far across the world your voice
sends me gravel from a goose feather tongue
dripping with honey but tasting of truth.
Your photo on the wall is tilted now
and a large grey moth died
inside the glass frame.
The afternoon sun disappears
like corn kernels from a devoured cob,
just an empty core left to throw away.
There will be a knock on the door soon
and I will let them in again to stay.

Damien Posterino (he/him) is a poet currently writing full time. Damien is Melbourne born but has also made London, Bangkok, Singapore & Mexico his homes at different times. His poetry explores themes of characters, commentary and capturing moments in time. He has been published in recent editions of Fiery Scribe Review, Neuro Logical, Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine, Abergavenny Small Press, BOMBFIRE, Jupiter Review, Fairy Piece Magazine, Poetic Sun Journal, Green Ink Poetry, JFA – Justice For All and Zero Readers. You can find him on Twitter at twitter.com/damienposterino

Photo by Roman Ska on Pexels.com