Casey Finley – casual magic

       In dust, we see what we’ve been missing.
Exhaustion has made us numb to enchantment,
       but the particles remind us that there are heavenly
bodies that mirror our own.

Gaze upon Orion, mark the way the lines curve
                                      to form a chest into collarbones
made visible in our imagination.
                               Feel the way they curl on you,
           shaping the spaces lovers
place hands, warmth parading through your skin. His arrow

           guides us to Taurus where the horns
   pierce ribcage, shatter lungs,
 remind you that breathing is casual magic,
a stupefying of the mind we’ve let go of—among

other things. Focus on the stars
to slow us down, feast your eyes
                            on the wound within your middle,
           and know the distances we have covered; simple
               existence is limitless—for we are made of
           a universe in ecstatic motion, charting a course
               through time’s lost years, holding onto
           tales of gods worshipping humanity.

Casey Finley (he/him) is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. He writes fiction and poetry. You can find him on Twitter @caseydoesthings.

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