The main aims of rough diamond are to make poetry accessible for readers as well as a place for writers to share their best work.

Rough Diamond poetry journal was set up out of a sheer love of poetry and all that it can encompass. With that said…If your work is chosen then we really want to be able to promote the writers we choose – so if you are accepted by us please feel free to drop us a message in our inbox once in a while and let us know how you’re getting on!

There isn’t a particular style of poetry that we’re looking for. Whether it’s traditional/hybrid/haiku it really doesn’t make a difference – great writing is great.

No need for content trigger warnings. We 100% understand the need for these but we expect some shocking illumination of important subjects.

However! We’re never ever going to be publishing right wing hate speech or just generally anything horrible about people so please bin that shit.

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