Beginning or End – Patrick Wright

After Idris Khan
I dreamt of a butterfly the size of a dinner plate.
It seemed to breathe the truth of rebirth across my face
& I believe in a reassembly.
I want to break God’s leg, stamp on it endlessly.
I want everything in flames, to end it all
in a dance of worlds, a Nemesis collision.
Did you know colours aren’t there? Everything is black
before photons fall on a postage stamp. I want
my eye to behold the antipodes
I want to prise open the doors … 
& ask: is this a hologram? Are its pixels too small?   
At times I touch the rope & the alarm goes off.
I torment myself with I couldn’t save you—
& yet I saved you.
Death is the one thing we can truly own.

Patrick Wright has a poetry collection, Full Sight Of Her, published by Black Spring Press (2020). He has been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize and teaches English Literature and Creative Writing at the Open University. He is also currently finishing a PhD in Creative Writing, on the ekphrasis of modern and contemporary art, supervised by Jane Yeh and Siobhan Campbell. 

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