Words Read In this Order Amount to a Prayer – Mariam Varsimashvili

Hysteria in the fountain pen. Calligraphy of love. In the sanctuary
everything must be regarded with suspicion; the hem of a skirt soaked
in mud, the soft-knuckled fantasy of somebody coming and going;
crunching pebbles and heavy boots. My roommate refuses to brush
her teeth before sleep and smashes heirlooms at tea time, bribing back
her innocence – championing Adam’s hips out of clay, his soft penis
rising like a sign. She warns me to be very careful.The telephone in the hallway is wired to a lemon and the priest is listening
in,depicting our moans as if we were great war machines speaking in secret codes.I brush against her night gown; delirious little girl holding a candle to the face of a dormant wolf. No fun. Our knickers repel the opposite sex so we tuck grenades in our throats, asking ourselves how much of this is ours to keep. Can we say that our wantings belong to us? Or are they made of rubber like the rest of the world? If we contorted our forbidden bodies and escaped disguised as men, would the cobalt blue hypnotise
                                    and catapult us into another sea?

Mariam Varsimashvili is a bilingual poet graduated from Goldsmiths University where she studied English Literature with Creative Writing. She lives in Oxford and is inspired by all things strange. Her poems appear in PERVERSE, Re-creation Anthology, Ink Sweat & Tears and FRANKENZINE. You can find her on Twitter @mariam_morrison. 

Photo by Adrien Olichon on Pexels.com